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Thicc Apple Tycoon is a series of tycoon games on the platform Finobe, known commonly as an old Roblox revival project. The series is known for its common use of the term "thicc" and gameplay involving thickening the size of your different types of apple (and sometimes other fruits) droppers. The franchise also includes several decorations throughout each tycoon that provide percent boosts to all or type-specific droppers.

You can find the list of games below. Each game will have subpages for types of apples or droppers and other important items in the respective game.

Newest Updates - 4/20/20 - Thicc Apple Tycoon II 4/20 Event! Edit

Thicc Apple Tycoon II has now been update to version 10! There is now the 4/20 event, spawning six new collectibles. Other changes include shorten values and two new decorations to the tycoon.
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